What is The Clash of Clans Hype All About?

This epic game is played by millions of users worldwide which feature mustached barbarians, fire holding wizards and other troops in a battle field where you make your own clan with your players and fight against players from other clans.

What It’s About

Clash of Clans is a free game which you can download and play very easily but there might be some options and game items which you can only purchase for real money but are optional. According to the rules and policy of Clash of Clans, all users must be thirteen years of age and up and have a good working internet connection to play this game. This is a highly popular game amongst people of all age groups and has five star ratings, many players also use Clash of Clans Hack Online – Add Free Gems. The users who have been playing this game have been doing so for years and years and constantly upgrading for more features and options. As with time, you build and expand your clan. Clash of Clans is easy to download and will keep you hooked for hours!


In Clash of Clans, you join a clan of existing players or you can even start a clan of your own. Then you fight in clans against other players in a clan as a team which may be spread across the globe.

You get to defend your village with the help of cannons, traps, walls, bombs and mortars. You also get to fight with the Goblin King in a campaign in the realm. With you clan, you get to plan and devise your own unique battle strategies with a number and combination of troops, spells as well as heroes.

There are always friendly challenges and wars and events happening where you get to train your troops as well with multiple levels of upgrades. This game is great for building strategies, plans and devising these into action.

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