Tips and Strategies for Clash Royale

The game of Clash Royale has been developed by the Supercell, after deriving inspiration from Clash of Clans which gained immense popularity. Clash Royale can be described as mini tactical gameplay that demands to get your own deck set built against the rival’s deck. This game got released worldwide last year and won the Google Play Award in recent times.

The objective of the game is quite simple for defeating the opponent which can be done just by ruining their towers. For this, there is a limit to the time as in whoever can destroy the tower of the king at first will be the winner. If the player is unable to get the opponent king’s tower destroyed within three minutes, he will be given an extension of another more minute for destroying the crown tower of the king. Players, who do not produce a quick reaction to their rival’s actions and just send few units to the battlefield, usually have less to no chance of being the winners. Such players should at first consider in the way of how they want to fight the battle with their opponent.
Here are few tips and tricks which can help players in deriving their strategies for the gameplay so as to make a faster move:

One must wait to begin till the elixir meter reaches to 10 and then the cards must be played.
The ranged troops must be guarded by making use of powerful combat units, for instance, at the back of a bomber and in front of a giant.
One must get their own victory secured. In case, one of the enemy trophies has already been destroyed; the player will be provided an advantage of responding to the attacks of the enemies very well. Tower destruction should be the main focus, especially when on defensive mode.
Then troops must be dispatched to a turret of an enemy. It usually gets destroyed by simply a fireball.
The towers that one possesses can be used as a defensive tool against their enemies. Towers tend to stand tall against the attacks of the enemies, though it might get damaged a little.
One should make use of the units which destroy the towers within no time like the giants or the knights and so on.
One must ensure to make effective use of the available taunts. These taunts can be found in the chat bubble which is present right at the bottom of the screen.

The above mentioned tips and strategies can also be considered as a Clash Royale Hacked server which helps one to reach the ultimate level in lesser time. The player making use of such hacks needs to be patient enough and also should be a sport in fighting with an opponent.

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