Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a game produced by Valve. It is an class-based fps game with similar features to that of unreal tournament, quake online or wolfenstein enemy territory. The game is done comically compared to the original Team Fortress, which was done in a style similar to Counter Strike, and the two teams (RED and BLU) are easily distinguished. The team bases are mostly the same color as the team name, and the different architecture is noticeable on most maps: RED team usually has a base constructed from wood, whereas BLU has a more modern structure made of steel.

The different gametypes are: Capture the flag (CTF), Capture Point (CP) or Arena. Although there may be a few more, these are the main gametypes of the game. The capture the flag gametype involves taking the enemy team’s ‘intelligence’ (a briefcase full of documents) and returning it to your own intelligence. Capture point has several different types, some maps involve a set of 5 captures points where the center point is useless and each team must capture all points leading to and including the enemy base capture point. Other capture point maps have one team defending some points while the other team tries to capture all of them. The final gametype is arena. Arena is basically a last man standing type of game, similar to the Arena in WoW, although you are still in your teams and after a minute the capture point usually located in the center of the map is then unlocked and the first team to capture it wins the round. As one team has a chance of dominating the other, after 5 wins from one team the teams automatically get scrambled.

There are 9 classes separated into 3 categories – Support, Offense, and Defense – and the classes are (3 classes per category): Support – Spy, Medic, Sniper; Offense – Scout, Soldier, Pyro; Defense – Heavy, Demoman, Engineer. There is very little need to describe what each class is used for, as the name describes what they are pretty much. Each has a different playing style and all players have their own favorites whether they play best on that class or whether that is the class they enjoy playing most. My personal favorite is the scout as it does a lot of damage from close by and it is a lot faster than the others. However, my only problem would be that when sneaking up from behind i tend to miss and give away my position.

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