Learn About the List of Items Available In SimCity BuildIt

Players who have already tried out the game of SimCity BuildIt they will know the types of items that are available in the game. Items in the game can be easily manufactured with the help of commercial and industrial buildings. Items are very essential in the game because they serve various purposes such as upgrading the residential zones completing random sales in your town etc. Also, items are categorized on the basis of their function. Today, in this article we are going to learn about the different categories of items that are found in the game.

What are the different categories of items found in the game?

There are many categories of items that exist in the game. Here you go with the list.

Factory Raw Materials: These are the kinds of items that are produced in the factories. They do not cost anything but it requires time to produce them. These are basically the foundation of producing items of higher value. You can create many of the raw materials at the same time in the factory itself. The different types of raw materials in the game are as follows:







Animal Feed

Sugar and Spices

Electrical Components

Glass and


Commercial Products: Commercial products are the items that require much time to be produced in the game. Commercial products are further sub-divided into many other categories which include building supplies store, hardware store, farmer’s market, furniture store, gardening supplies, donut shop, fashion store, fast food restaurant and home appliances. The production of commercial products requires raw materials. Therefore, until and unless you produce raw materials in the game you will not be able to produce any commercial products. You need to remember that the production of commercial products is a very lengthy and timeconsuming process, however, it is totally worth it.

Special Items: The third categories of items are the special items. These are the items that are used to expand the city’s border, upgrade the city storage, to start a disaster and to contribute to a club. One should remember that special items cannot be produced in the game but you can always earn it by popping Sims opinion bubbles in the occasional gift boxes and in the town.

Bill of Materials: These are the kind of items that are used to build and the total time from factory to completion, each store item. The total time is referred to the time before any speed-up tokens or store upgrades.

These are the main categories of items that you will find in the game. Each of the items serves some or the other users and requires time to be produced. However, the time for producing the items may differ from item to item. It’s required to learn how to get simcity buildit free coins if you are to acquire all of those items.

Well, now that you know about the various kinds of items that are available in the game, it will be easier for you to handle them in the game.

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